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Marco Engelien  14.02.2021  

Yeedi K650 & Co.: Saugroboter bei Amazon im Angebot

Compared to the K650, the Yeedi K700 has a built-in camera. This is supposed to enable the robot to better capture its surroundings and clean them more thoroughly. However, users have to trust the little guy to do his job well; they cannot control the robot via app or voice assistant.



Jens M.  2021/02/01

Yeedi 2 Hybrid Saugroboter im Test

The Yeedi 2 Hybrid is a vacuum/mop robot that navigates with the help of a camera and the VSLAM algorithm. The workmanship of the device is really on a high level and the smartphone app can also convince me absolutely.



Monika Klein  22.6.2021 

Saug-Wisch-Roboter von Yeedi zum Sparpreis

Thanks to its extensive app, it can be configured in many ways. Suction strength and, if necessary, water flow can be conveniently set on the smartphone.



Timo Schurwanz 15.10.2020

Yeedi K650: Schnäppchen-Sauger im Test

With the K650, Yeedi offers a decent cleaning entry-level device at a top price. The vacuum cleaner scores with a wiping function as well as app and Alexa control. Thanks to smart sensors, it finds its way around the room to some extent, but it takes a very long time for its cleaning trips. Laser navigation is missing for more thorough and faster cleaning, and the mobile app lacks a virtual map that can be used to create rooms and zones.



Tim  21.6.2021

yeedi 2 hybrid Saugroboter Test

However, unpacking the package is fun when you get to see the Yeedi 2 Hybrid for the first time. It is really pretty and with a height of 7.9 cm even as flat as its predecessor, the K650.



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