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Product Support

1) Push the power switch back and forth 2-3 times (on the side of the machine), and place it in "|" position to switch on.

2) Switch on and check the Start button light: 

a) A solid white light - robot has battery remaining: briefly press the AUTO button repeatedly, waiting 2-3 seconds between each press.

b) A solid red light or no light at all - low battery or dead battery: connect the robot to the Charging Dock and charge it for 4-5 hours, then try again. (The AUTO button blinks with a white light when charging, and goes out when fully charged.)

 c) A blinking red light - malfunction: troubleshoot the problem according to the voice prompt.

1)Check whether the power socket is powered on, replace the socket and try again.

2) Turn the power switch off and on again (on the side of the robot), and place it in "|" position to switch on.

3) Connect the robot to the Charging Dock and charge it for 4-5 hours, then try again.

1) The Main Brush is entangled with objects, causing the robot to stop cleaning and prompt:

a) Remove the cover of the Main Brush, take the brush out and clean it;

 b) Reinstall the cleaned brush, spin it with your hand and see if it rotates smoothly; 

c) Put the cover back and make sure all four corners are securely clipped into place;

d) Briefly press the AUTO button to continue the cleaning.

2) The robot stops on a long-wool carpet and prompts:

when the robot is cleaning on a long-wool carpet, its Main Brush may get jammed by overly long wool bundles. In this case, we recommend you purchase Magnetic Boundary Stripes at the yeedi store, and stick these magnetic stripes on the ground along the contour of the long-wool carpet; then restart cleaning, and the robot will avoid the long-wool carpet during cleaning.

Place the robot 1 meter directly in front of the Charging Dock, and start the Recharging Mode to see if it can return to the Charging Dock.

If the robot can return to the Charging Dock properly, then follow the steps below to troubleshoot the problem:

1) Check whether the protective film on the Charging Dock has been thoroughly removed.

2) Check whether the robot starts from the Charging Dock for cleaning.

3) Check where the Charging Dock is placed:

a) The Charging Dock should be put in an open place, not a small, narrow one;

b) It should be placed against the wall, and make sure there are no obstacles within 0.5 meters on its left and right side, and 1.5 meters in front;

c) It should be kept away from sources of interference such as a TV;

d) No reflective objects, such as mirrors and windows, should be placed in front of it.

4) Relocate the Charging Dock, then try again.

1) Open all the doors in your home before the robot starts cleaning to ensure the path is free of obstacles.

2) Verify whether the missed areas are the same each time.

a) Same areas: let the robot start from the missed areas when it's cleaning, and inspect the surroundings, since factors such as a high doorsill, dark ground, and direct sunlight could lead to missed spots.

b) Different areas: tidy up the scattered objects on the ground, such as power boards, toys, slippers, etc., which will increase the cleaning coverage of the room. If the robot bumps into things frequently during cleaning, it may cause missed spots.

Connecting to a 5GHz Wi-Fi network is currently not supported.  

Family members can use the same phone number account to log into the yeedi App on their own phone, thereby sharing all the cleaning robots in the account.  

1. When the robot is powered off or its battery is dead, it will disconnect from the App.

(If the robot is switched on and placed on the Charging Dock, but the App still shows that the robot is disconnected, then briefly press the AUTO button on the robot; if the robot doesn't respond, disconnect and then reconnect it to the Charging Dock; after hearing a prompt, check the Wi-Fi light.)

2. When the Wi-Fi network is not working properly, or when the cleaning robot has a weak Wi-Fi signal because of its location or is out of the Wi-Fi range, it may disconnect from the App.

3. When the name or password of the Wi-Fi network has been changed, or a MAC Address Filtering entry has been added, the robot will disconnect and the network will need to be set up again.

4. If you have more than one router in your home, and each has a different hotspot name and password,

please set up the network with each router separately one after another, and the robot will automatically switch to the corresponding hotspot when cleaning (it will disconnect and then quickly reconnect during the switching process).  

5. If the routers are a set of Mesh-structured Child-Mother routers (a host with multiple extensions), please first turn off the extensions, and after setting up the network connection between the robot and the main router, turn on the extensions in sequence. The robot can automatically switch to the child-routers and stay connected.

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