Vacuum Mop Combos

Our vacuum mop combos offer a great solution for those in need of a hard floor cleaner, but without the stress of doing much yourself. Why? We make robot vacuum cleaners for your smart home lifestyle. Buy from our award-winning range of vacuum mops below.

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What is a vacuum mop?

A vacuum mop is a hard floor cleaner using moisture while also hoovering up dust and debris. They are great for solid surfaces such as laminate, hardwood or amtico. No loft living lifestyle is complete without a robot vacuum mop combo to do the chores. 

How do robot vacuum mops work?

By using spinning brushes as it works within its operating boundary, the vacuum mop is able to treat and clean the hard floors it touches while at the same time utilising its motor to suck up debris, dust and anything else your floors accumulate. The beauty of our vacuum mop combos is they are robotic and therefore don't need much more than being taken care of, fully charged and not attacked by other robots.