yeedi k650 Review: This Robot Vacuum is Tough on Pet Hair

yeedi k650 Review: This Robot Vacuum is Tough on Pet Hair

What would you like a robot vacuum cleaner to do? Well, apart from the usual cleaning, it should do it perfectly to avoid your interruption. That means once it attends on the floor, you don’t need to go back with a hand vacuum to rectify the left-out areas.

Getting a robot cleaner that can do so may cost you more than you anticipate. More features on such a device increase the price, but yeedi is here to change that narrative. Here is a k650 model from the company that performed well during the tests.

It will cost you under $250 to get the sweeping robot yeedi. Thanks to its bigger dustbin and a tangle-free brush, your pet hair cleaning struggle is solved from the living room to the bedroom.

The yeedi k650 Features

This device has a height of 7.9 cm only, and you will see the advantage of that while cleaning. The minimal design has a glossy white finishing at the top, while black resides on the side and at the bottom.

That gives us a break from the numerous black robot cleaners flocking the market of late. The Wi-Fi indicator and the power button for auto-clean mode are at the top, and there is a switch on the side for power resetting. Opening at the top will enable you to access the filter and the 400ml dustbin.

At the bottom, you get the side brush connectors, the wheels, and the brush space at the center. It fits both the silicone and the bristle brush, where the latter performs better when dealing with hair from the four-legged animals.

Since the k650 can vacuum and mop simultaneously, there is a mopping module for you and replaceable pads to attach during the cleaning. Also included is a multifunctional cleaning tool that helps you get rid of dirt in the container and the few entangled hairs.

The best part about using the yeedi k650 is the presence of an app instead of a remote controller. More to that includes the voice control since it can pair with Alexa after connecting it to the Wi-Fi, which is essential while using the app too.

With the app, there is more control over what you can do apart from the free-mode cleaning. We cannot forget the charging station, which the robot cleaner docks to when cleaning is done or after running out of power. It has a rubber base to help restrict movement when the yeedi is docking or getting off.

Setting up yeedi k650

There is a manual (in English or German) to help you set up everything. Therefore, you will not miss a single thing when setting up and kick-starting the robot cleaner. Before you place it on the charging dock, you have to attach all the necessary parts.

That calls for hooking up the mopping module, the filter, and the side brushes at the bottom. You can also change the main brushes depending on what you want to use. Once everything is connected, flip the side switch to on and then place the robot cleaner on the charging station and let it charge.

There is some power to test it during the first round, but you can charge it initially to perform a full test later for the next 130 minutes. As it charges, the next part is about setting up the application and configuring the Wi-Fi and Amazon Echo.

Getting the app is quick once you scan the QR code at the top of the yeedi. It takes about five minutes to set up, everything but you need to ensure that you have the 2.4 GHz specification for the Wi-Fi.

Those who have upgraded to the 5G will not be suited here. Once the app is ready, the next part configures the yeedi to connect to the Wi-Fi, followed by Alexa. Once you are done, there are two ways to kick start the cleaning command after pressing the power button at the top.

You can use the app to start or command Alexa to issue the instruction to yeedi. If you use the latter, you can later go back to the app to set up some cleaning mode schedules.

How yeedi k650 works on Pet Hair and Other Debris

If you press the button above and let it clean, it will go around randomly until the whole area is clean or the battery runs out. The battery will keep the device going for the next 130 minutes before the k650 goes back to the charging station.

That’s the best thing about it. When it runs out of power, you don’t need to show it the way. This model uses Gyroscope technology to sense the way out, avoid obstacles, or fall from a high point.  

On the app, you will get the scanned area, duration, and battery level. Everything here is real-time, and that applies to the notifications you will receive on your phone. When you need to customize the cleaning, some of the few features you can utilize include the two other modes to select apart from Auto.

They include Spot for a thorough cleaning as the yeedi goes round in circles and Edge to clean along the walls and corners. As the robot cleans, it uses a 2000Pa suction power to collect every piece of dirt on the floor.

That power is adjustable via the app by choosing any of the four presets available. They include Quiet, Standard, Max, and Max+. At Quiet mode, the noise level drops to 56 dB, and that’s suitable for anyone who is learning or watching as the robot cleans.

When dealing with hair, the first thing you need to do is get rid of any clothes or cables on the floor. Otherwise, the cleaner will be entangled, and that’s when you receive a notification on your phone or hear the device shouting for help in German.

Next, the bristle brush works better than the silicon type when picking up the hair, although some of the hair gets stuck. However, the suction power is enough to ensure that all the dirt particles arrive in the large dustbin that can accommodate the cleaning of the whole house.

The bristle brush works well whether on the carpet or the different types of floor. The silicone type is better for overall cleaning and the hair too. While the prior picks up the hairs better, the main problem you will be dealing with is cleaning the entanglements.

yeedi k650 Functionality

Since it’s a budget-friendly robot, there is no much to offer when you expect it to behave like the high-end types. First, you can schedule via the app on how to clean, but there is no way to vacuum without mopping unless the 300ml water tank is empty.

That’s a feature we would adore since you can use it to tell the k650 where to vacuum and where to mop and vacuum. Next, the app does not record the scanned floor, and that’s a flaw when you need to set boundaries.

They will show the robot where to clean, but you need the magnetic strips for such guidance, and yeedi does not include them in the package for this model. You don’t get the floor’s map, and that’s how the yeedi forgets where it just cleaned. So, you may get a thoroughly cleaned floor or some areas that may need a different mode of cleaning.

You can, however, notice the benefits of using the application as the robot cleans. Apart from scheduling your cleaning, there is Do Not Disturb mode and usage statistics to tell you how it’s fairing. You get data on the brush status, whether the robot is stuck, and the filter’s condition.

That implies you will always know when the k650 needs a replacement. Is the k650 missing? If you don’t know where it’s attending to, you can use the ‘Find My Robot’ feature that makes the robot shout ‘I’m here.’

For Alexa, the commands are limited but at least, you can put it on or off using your voice, and that’s the beauty of it. yeedi can climb on heights that are 0.7 inches or below. So, in most cases, there will be no problem as it navigates the floor.

For the 7.9 cm height, it’s ideal for going under the furniture without getting stuck. With this yeedi, there is no problem setting up everything, and that’s why it’s suitable for those who are not very tech-savvy.  


If you have cats and dogs in the house (or humans with long hair), yeedi will help keep the rooms allergy-free. The k650 has a bigger dustbin to accommodate all the dirt, and there is the app and Alexa for controlling while at your comfort.

You may not get some of the features that the high-end robot cleaners possess, but this is a cleaning device with the ability to keep your house floor clean without spending too much. It’s time for you to rush to the store or book online while the stocks last.

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