yeedi 2 hybrid Review: The Best Mother's Gift

yeedi 2 hybrid Review: The Best Mother's Gift

yeedi 2 hybrid Review: The Best Mother's Gift

It’s becoming common to own a robot vacuum cleaner in the house. It can worry about the dirt on the floor while you work on something else. The difference between our modern homes and the parent’s place is that mom has to worry about the debris in the latter.

Now, it’s time to make her troubles go away by arriving with or sending the yeedi 2 hybrid sweeping robot that also mops. Mother’s day is around the corner, and this is one of the best ideas you can introduce at home to relieve a mother of the floor cleaning duties.

Let’s see what the vacuum cleaner has in store and why our mothers will love it.

The yeedi 2 hybrid Review

What’s in the Box?

First, let’s see what your mom will find in the box when it arrives:

  • The yeedi 2 hybrid robot vacuum
  • Two side brushes
  • A charging station with a power cable
  • The main brush
  • Five disposable cloths
  • A washable wipe
  • A filter
  • Multifunctional cleaning tool
  • User manual in either English or German

The Design Specs

The plastic is harder for the casing, and that provides good resistance from collisions. The collisions will never happen, though, thanks to the detection technology on the device. It’s all white here and circular, making it suitable to go around while cleaning and dealing with the corners and edges.

That is something that a mom will love since it looks clean and it can maneuver the variety of furniture in the house. The only thing that makes it look larger is the slightly protruding camera at the top. By having a height of only 7.7 cm, it’s easy for the yeedi 2 to clean under tight spaces. It will also not be a problem when going under the chairs and table.

That will be okay for mom as long as the floor is not scattered with clothes and cables. If she wants to get techy and see what’s inside, the manual has the right directions to open the top lid. It’s also possible to remove or attach the water tank from the side.

The brush is accessed underneath, and anything you want to know more is already addressed in the manual. As long as mom knows how to read, it will not be a problem to maneuver.

There is a recharging base that the hybrid can detect. To prevent movement when docking, it has rubber on the lower part. So, there will be no pushing cases as the robot cleaner tries to dock for charging.

Operating the yeedi 2 hybrid

Your mom does not need a remote controller to get the yeedi started. It’s all about downloading an Android or iOS application, depending on what she uses. It’s easy to install the application, especially if it’s possible to scan the QR code. As you set up, there are directions in the manual to guide you, not to mention the app also offers the guidelines.

You can also perform tasks from starting the hybrid to scheduling the cleaning time. Since it maps your house, you can also manage the collected information and save what seems to be the correct house geography.

Before getting started, we hope that your home has 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi since that is what the device uses to get connected. It’s also possible to use multiple devices. After setting up the application, all you need is to use the same username and password.

That will sync even the collected map information. While operating, the yeedi 2 uses the vSLAM technology to detect and map your floor. Mom will be viewing the results on her phone as the robot cleans and scans the whole area. The sensors on it and the camera will detect the objects and avoid the collision or falling over.

That is what enables it to move around in the house without knocking around things. It’s possible to include boundaries in the map to show the vacuum cleaner where to go and what not to touch. If she wants to clean specific rooms, this becomes a necessary feature that excludes the need to carry it to a particular space and close the door.

The Cleaning

Starting to clean and schedule is via the app. As it moves around, the noise generated is at about 70 dB even when it is on Max mode. It does well on small dirt particles and pet hair if your mom has a dog or cat in the house. The brush is never entangled, and that’s why it’s easier to clean after use.

It will manage the edges and the corners like a pro, and the suction power is a whopping 2500 Pa. That is enough to collect anything that gets in the way. The dirt tank holds 430ml, and that is enough to clean up the whole house.

Furthermore, after a full charge, you have 200 minutes of operation, whether it’s mopping or sweeping time. It’s essential to note that it can do both at the same time. The water tank is 240 ml which is enough to even go on lower carpets. The only thing that mommy should avoid is the high-dense carpets.

Switching the pads is not a problem, and there are extra ones provided in the package. There are three cleaning modes to utilize while in use. The normal mode is suitable for daily cleaning. There is a boost mode for quick and thorough cleaning of the demanding floors.

For Max mode, you can use it when dealing with the carpets. With such abilities and functioning boundaries, it’s easy to tell the yeedi 2 hybrid how to clean and where to clean.

Now, as the robot cleans, the vSLAM technology will help in detecting and avoiding obstacles. That is why it moves around them like a pro. More to that involves how it cleans in a pattern as opposed to zigzags as it tries to cover the whole floor.

The movement is in straight lines from one end of the wall to another and it knows where it started, thanks to the location detection capability.

Operating with Voice Control

How cool would it be if your mom knew that she could call Alexa and tell her to tell the yeedi to clean up? That’s the best explanation we can give to our mothers who are not tech-savvy. The idea here is to pair the cleaner with the Amazon Echo and use your voice to start the robot.

After the command, you can schedule where to clean and the mode to use via the app. Mom will not have to leave the chair or other chores since the app will show what is happening and where. If the charge runs out, the yeedi will find its way to the docking station.

It has speakers to tell you when cleaning has started, completed and when the tiny machine is docked. If something is wearing out, the yeedi 2 will also let mom know about it. If the charge runs out in the middle of cleaning, it will resume the cleaning once it’s charged. That’s how convenient it can be while attending to your worries.

The problem is that it only communicates in English, and there is no option to change the language.

Wrapping Up

The yeedi 2 hybrid is one of its kind, and thanks to the vSLAM technology, there is no need for laser detection capability. That keeps the vacuum cleaner slim and able to get dirt even in tighter spaces.

With excellent power management, scheduling, and voice commands, mommy will find the best companion when it’s time to give the house a pleasant and thorough cleaning. The yeedi can be attending to the floor while she deals with the tables and utensils.

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