yeedi cube

ALL-IN-ONE Robot Vacuum
Choice of Modern Family

In a world of overpriced robot vacuums that don’t meet your needs, yeedi is here to bring ease and fun into your cleaning routine through advanced robotic vacuum technology.

Our vac series offers a range of options for modern homeowners who want an easier way to clean their living spaces. From all in one robot vacuums to self-empty station vacuum mops, down to solutions for a hairy cat with our pet hair vacuum cleaners.

yeedi Robot Vacuums and Mops

ECOVACS Robotics Inc. established yeedi to focus on providing floorcleaning robots for the mass market and making automated cleaning experiences accessible to more people. Based on the core demandsof users, yeedi aims to reduce the cost, complexity, and barriers of floor cleaning robots, enabling more people to experience the benefits ofautomated floor cleaning